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Yesterday after work (payday!) I made the lengthy trek via the lovely Winnipeg transit system to one of the local Joe Fresh locations here in the city - something I have not done in a while, namely because all the superstores in this city are far away from anything and everything and are a pain to get to if you are car-less like I am. In any case, it was worth the trip because the above fluffy faux fur jacket of cozy fabulousness that I have been lusting after since it walked the runway is now mine. Yes, be jealous. It's fantastic.

What I was unable to find at this particular store, however, was this sequined sweater, which I have also been searching high and low for. I am hopeful that I will be able to track it down somewhere. Perhaps I will find it in Ottawa, where I am soon to be heading... excitement.

I have an inkling though,  that it would most likely be available at the Joe Fresh flagship store that finally opened (outside a grocery store no less!) in Vancouver. Might any of you lovely Vancouver ladies check it out for me? If you find that sequined sweater and send it to me, I will love you forever. And will send you paypal $$ to cover it. Not even kidding.

Fall Clothing List Item One - Fun Faux Fur: Check!

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daisychain said...

I am utterly jealous

myfloorisred.com said...

Love that first white jacket ... hope to find anything similar in a low cost shop!

jess said...

The jacket looks so fun.

Holly said...

So cute! I just bought a leopard fur coat. I also have a black fur and white fur jackets and love them. Enjoy!

anna bu said...

love that golden outfit



Sanny said...

Awhhhh gorgeous collection! I don't think I ever see such store in my area! I'm so craving for Faux Fur!

Have a good one! (:

Sanny's Head to Heart

cwj said...

OK. The jacket I can see. That seems nice. But the sweater? Really? Ew.

Raez said...

wow! a flagship store just for joe?? must be exciting. i still have to go to superstore to shop joe;)

xx raez

OnTheRacks said...

ummm, SO JEALOUS! That jacket is to die for. It's prob the best faux fur jacket I have seen all season... seriously! Freaking amazing - love it!

xx Laura

Sarah Whitney said...

I LOVE that white coat!

Tanya said...

great post, love the scarf

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